Let’s start. Shall we

So, since I broke my ankle and have to stay in bed for a month, I’ve decided to start recapping right away.

This is a list of dramas I can recap immediately. So, if anyone has a request I’ll be happy to pick it up first.And if you don’t know the name, google it. That’s how I did it. I’m even providing you with posters but for the plotline you’re on your own.


All about my romance : Kdrama, 16 episodes


Partner : Kdrama, 16 episodes.


The man who can’t get married : Kdrama, 16 episodes.


Fantasy couple / couple or trouble : Kdrama, 16 episodes.



9 end 2 outs / Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs : Kdrama, 16 episodes.ImageImage

Reinyourkusha odagiri kyoko no uso : Jdrama, 9 episodes.

Image ?Image

Angel bank : Jdrama, 8 episodes.



And a fair warning guys, If you don’t give me an answer in 3 days, I’ll start with…………

I don’t think I’m gonna tell you (I’m evil like that).

But I’ll give priority even if a single person asks for a show and just in case I get multiple requests, I’ll be going in the order of the majority.


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15 Responses to Let’s start. Shall we

  1. Sajen says:

    I pretty much rely on DramaBeans for my recapping needs, but since there’s only 4 of them there’s usually several dramas that don’t get recapped a season it would be nice if you could pick up one of the dramas they don’t. But to start off I pick 9 end 2 outs I’ve always wanted a recap of that, also 12 men in a year.

    • tokkioncrack says:

      Thanks for responding sajen.
      And to show you that I keep all of my promises, I’m going to start recapping with 9 end 2 outs. By chance or fate it’s the drama I decided to watch after a long discussion in the DB open thread. 😉

  2. Sabah says:

    Regardless of which drama you choose, I’ll be checking on each of your posts. It’s your own fault, you used the ‘f’ word! 😛

    Just some friendly advice though… In terms of Kdrama blogs (of which I follow many if not all of them!) especially new ones as opposed to established ones or ones with excellent social networks AS WELL AS the Queen Blog DB, it’s hard to get it off the ground let alone not swamped in the phenomenon of Hallyu…but just from my own observations the ones that gain more viewings either have a gimmick e.g. gifs/korean translations/competitions OR they recap current dramas that the big kdrama blogs aren’t covering. May I suggest a change of direction than covering old kdramas? Just my humble opinion, please feel free- nay I insist- ask around, maybe even pm people you respect for advice.

    Regardless, I’ll be here, : ) Friend….*shivers at creepiness*

    • tokkioncrack says:

      You know I’ll be welcoming any advice, even criticism right. But the thing is I really wanted to do the oldies because lots of times I would search far nd wide for them or sometimes only few episodes are recapped, making me feel a bit disgruntled.
      And you are one of the people I respect. I’m going to take your advice about the gifs and stuff but I’m afraid recaping a current drama is only possible short term.
      I think I mentioned it I might not have access to live dramas due to lack of connectivity

    • Shukmeister says:

      Sabah is correct! My first full recap project was “18 vs 28” which was a 2005 romcom. I checked online to find one that sounded interesting and yet hadn’t been recapped anywhere that I could easily find.

      I working on a project with another KDrama fan, finding every possible KDrama / english recap and setting up a single site for them. To say it’s a lot of work is an understatement, and I don’t know when it will officially be published. But I can tell you I don’t know of any site that recapped that show.

      Good luck, and yay! I can comment! I don’t know what changed, though.

      • tokkioncrack says:

        I like your idea a lot. If you do find my posts interesting you are welcome to use them.

        I don’t know what changed I just played around a bit and voila! people can now comment.

        Thanks for bringing it to my notice that you were unable to comment.

        Good luck!

      • Sabah says:

        Whoa, Shukmeister, that’s a daunting project you’ve embarked upon but truly something I think we Kdrama lovers would greatly appreciate. I wish you strength of heart and determination and may your hard efforts be rewarded with peace and success!

      • Shukmeister says:

        Thank you! So far we’ve found about 110 separate shows that have been recapped. Some have been done multiple times, and we added those too. Daunting indeed! It was my idea, but a very wonderful person took up the flag, and I sniff out the sites while she works on the website.

      • Sabah says:

        Wowzer, so you’re cataloguing multiple recaps too? That’s just awesome. Do let us know once it’s done because I truly do think it’s something a lot of people will be interested in AND very much impressed over. Drooling worthy, hehe.

  3. Sabah says:

    Oh no, please don’t assume my advice is any good! hehe, Definitely follow your heart and intuition.
    I think your biggest selling point if your unique style – It’s friendly and fun.
    Oldies it is then! Looking forward to your notes, insights and comments!

  4. DDee says:

    I’d love oldies! For instance, I was desperately searching for recaps, or anything really, on MiSa as I watched it recently and there was nothing on it, which is pretty puzzling considering how popular it was in the day. And yes, Sabah’s right in that the bigger blogs establish some kind of niche for themselves, but it’s really about what your own goals are with your blog and what you choose to do with it. But I notice there’s always a demand for recaps old or new so I’d say, do what pleases you! Glad you’re choosing 9 Ends!

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