The first of what I hope will be lots

Hey everyone (If anyone happens to stumble here by chance at all),

This is my first time blogging, in fact it’s my first time writing anything for others to see.

It’s a decision I reached after much agonizing and debate. Hope someone appreciates it.

And moving on to the blog, the title pretty much explains it.And if by chance it’s a novice reading this k dramas refer to korean dramas – highly entertaining and extremely addicting.

I happen to be a k drama addict who recently found that access to many dramas is hard to come by. I am happy to say I’ve enjoyed my drama crack secondhand due to generous bloggers like javabeans and her posse, ockoala, rainie to name a few taking the time to recap a series.

However to my surprise I found that there are several series and movies without recaps and reviews out there.

So, there you go that’s the reason I’ve decided to take the plunge and start my own blog recapping k dramas and  k movies not recapped out there due to limitations.

I’ve said this blog is about k dramas and k movies but a fair warning I love many things korean from food to music and you’ll probably be seeing a few posts about them too.

And even if you are new to k dramas or not at all familiar I hope to make converts out of you all (cue evil laugh).

And since I’ve already begun this noble crusade (snerk) I’ve decided to generously recap japanese, taiwanese and the occasional mandarin shows on request too.

The only thing I request from you guys is feedback and criticism and a little leeway since it’s my first time.

You can send requests to me in the comments section.

And if even one of you asks it, I assure you I’ll be doing my best to provide it.

On other hand I probably won’t be pretty regular as in real life I am a medico  and probably will be awol for 2 weeks every month when I go to remote places without the wonderful internet (I know it amazes me how i survive 😉 ). So, bear with me and don’t think I’ve stopped if I’m missing for a few days.


And lastly, there right there is the quote that finally pushed me to do this.

P.S. : I would love it if you commented on my first post even if you just read the later ones. Just to boost my confidence.

Psst….tell me if I should post a list of everything I will be able to recap immediately as I have them in my hard drive.

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12 Responses to The first of what I hope will be lots

  1. tokkioncrack says:

    And I started another blog in blogger. For realsies, not plagiarizing I swear.
    Just thought I’d give you a heads up

  2. Sajen says:

    Hey you started your blog on my birthday that’s awesome, so I’ll be your first commenter and internet blog friend hopefully.

  3. DDee says:

    Hello tokkioncrack! I never imagined I’d be addicted to dramas let alone blogging about them, or about anything else for that matter. I didn’t agonise over it as you did, coz I agonise over everything in real life so I just thought to heck with it! Also, these people will never know me in real life anyways, so who cares?? HAHA. So here I am, a newbie to blogging as well.

    So, congrats for taking the plunge and I look forward to reading your recaps 🙂

    • tokkioncrack says:

      Thanks a lot DDee I wondered if I could commit enough time to the blog and was in dithers about it. You see I didn’t want to start something and then leave everyone hanging. Hope my recaps will be worth reading (fingers crossed and praying fervently)

  4. yolizexperiment says:

    Hi Tokki,
    I just came across your blog. I am also a rookie at this so the Albert Einstein comment above resonated with me. Loved it. 🙂

    Congrats and best of luck on this adventure!

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