Hey everyone,

This is tokkioncrack. Yes, I really went and named mysself a rabbit on a high with “drama” addictions.

And I don’t know what else to write about myself………

Well, you already know I’m a doctor in real life.

And I live in India.

Yes, I’m female if anyone had any doubts.

And no I don’t think I want to tell you my age (any guesses :-) )

Well apart from dramas and music, I love reading books….. lots and lots of them. That’s another idea I’ve been playing around with, a blog reviewing and summarizing less known and old classics.

Well, I also love cooking and rambling on about things in case you didn’t notice.

I keep picking up new hobbies, my latest one is origami.

That’s it mainly, but any more questions and I’ll be happy to answer.


4 Responses to About

  1. hey glad to meet you … I’ve been checking out your blog since two weeks .. its quite interesting …
    today I checked out your blog post titled A Brand New beginning .. the size of the fields in your pictures made me think of India … ! I even checked the ABOUT to find out you are Indian!!
    even I’m Indian ! cheers! do reply me on my mail id ! I have a lots to talk about dramas ! 🙂

  2. mary says:

    tokki tokki tokki!

    I left you a puzzle in Open Thread this week. Not sure if you saw it.

    Also, do you have a twitter account? 😀

    • tokkioncrack says:

      Hey mary,

      Good to see you here. I don’t really go to the OT because I get sucked in quite easily.
      I’ll go check for it now.
      Yes, I’ve got a twitter account but I’m not very active there. I’ll probably start doing it in the future.

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